Biomass researchers in Ind. get $12M federal grant

Purdue lands $12M for fuel-from-plants research   Purdue University has landed a follow-up $12 million federal grant to do research in getting fuel from plants. The funds, to be doled out over four years, go to the Purdue-led Center for Direct Catalytic Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels, called C3Bio, based at Discovery Park in West […]

4 cellulosic ethanol plants move toward production phase

Cellulosic ethanol facilities begin production this year   Four commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plants will begin producing the biofuel this year, including three expected to start as early as the end of May or June. In an event hosted today by Fuels America at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., representatives from DuPont, Abengoa Bioenergy, […]

U.S. cellulosic fuel makers say expansion finally at hand

U.S. producers of cellulosic ethanol on Tuesday said the industry is poised for rapid growth in 2014 after years of false starts, and that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed usage target is too low.   Lawmakers set ambitious goals for use of cellulosic biofuels in the 2007 law establishing the Renewable Fuel Standard, which […]

Nebraska study does not condemn cellulosic biofuels, think tank exec says

Commentary: Cellulosic ethanol worse than gas? Not so fast   A new academic paper on biofuels was released this week, and some media outlets have reached sweeping conclusions. “Fuels from corn waste not better than gas,” claimed the Associated Press. The Daily Caller one-upped them with “Study: Corn Ethanol is Nature’s Enemy.” A careful reading […]

Biofuels Mandate Is Cut Drastically

EPA decision to sharply reduce the amount of cellulosic biofuel in the U.S. fuel supply strangely pleases oil companies and environmental groups   U.S. EPA has revised the number of cellulosic biofuel gallons in 2013 that needed to be blended in the U.S. fuel supply to 810,185 ethanol-equivalent gallons — about five ten-thousandths of a […]

The Brutal Bust in Next-Generation Biofuels in One Chart

When it comes to setting overly optimistic targets for the production of advanced biofuels, the United States Environmental Protection Agency makes Pollyanna sound like Eeyore.   The official 2013 target official for cellulosic biofuel–made from the non-edible parts of plants, wood waste and other non-food feedstocks–was 1.75 billion gallons. That was the volume of biofuels […]

EPA slashes biofuel goals because of ethanol shortage

Just a few years ago, it looked as though ethanol and its politically potent lobby would reshape the U.S. energy landscape, but now even the federal government has been forced to acknowledge that its projections for the biofuel simply don’t match reality.   The Environmental Protection Agency this week dramatically lowered its mandate for how […]

Even Advanced Biofuels May Not Be So Green

Environmentalists have long worried about biofuels like corn ethanol.   But a new study shows that even advanced biofuels, which use waste from crops like corn to make fuel, may hurt the climate Back in 2008, TIME published a controversial cover story with a simple line: The Clean Energy Myth. TIME’s Michael Grunwald made a […]

EPA sets low 2013 cellulosic ethanol requirements

The Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday set the 2014 requirements for cellulosic ethanol for use by the nation’s cars and trucks at 810,000 gallons — the amount the industry produced and a fraction of the 1 billion gallons that Congress sought to require in a 2007 energy law.   The alternative fuel could eventually lower […]

DuPont’s cellulosic ethanol plant slated to go online by year’s end

Corn stover-to-ethanol plant nears reality   One of the first and largest commercial-scale cellulosic biorefineries in the world will begin producing ethanol later this year. The DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol facility is expected to generate 30 million gallons annually of biofuel produced from corn stover. Stover is the leaves and stalks left in the field as […]

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