US monthly ethanol and advanced biofuel output higher in October

EPA: U.S. output of ethanol, advanced biofuels rose in October


US monthly ethanol and advanced biofuel output higher in OctoberUS ethanol and advanced biofuel monthly production increased in October, according to US Environmental Protection Agency data Thursday.

US ethanol production — categorized by the EPA in the renewable fuel (D6) category consisting of corn-based ethanol, the main type produced in the US — rebounded from the previous month’s lowest recorded level as it climbed 71.629 million gallons, or 7.3%, to 1.055 billion gallons, according to the EPA data, on the agency’s Moderated Tracking System website.

Year-to-date, current year ethanol production totaled 10.884 billion gallons. The 2012 ethanol production target for the Renewable Fuels Standard-2 mandate is 11.7 billion gallons. With only two months left in 2012, year-to-date ethanol production is at 93% of the 2012 mandate target.

October advanced biofuel (D5) production — mostly comprising ethanol derived from feedstock sugarcane — edged up 98,212 gallons, or 0.1%, to 77.497 million gallons. Year-to-date, however, current year production was at only 392.846 million gallons.

The 2012 advanced biofuel target for the Renewable Fuels Standard-2 is 2 billion gallons, which means that total domestic advanced biofuel production in 2012 was at 19.6% of the mandate target.

Although domestic advanced biofuel production faces a tough challenge the rest of the year to catch up to the mandate, imports from Brazil, where ethanol is derived from feedstock sugarcane, can help meet the mandate target.


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