Novozymes Sells Raizen Enzymes for Brazil Crop-Waste Fuel Plant

Novozymes A/S (NZYMB), the Danish biotechnology company, will sell enzymes to Brazil’s Raizen for a cellulosic-ethanol plant it is building.


Novozymes Sells Raizen Enzymes for Brazil Crop-Waste Fuel PlantNovozymes will build a factory to produce enzymes in Brazil, the Bagsvaerd, Denmark-based company said today on its website.

While Raizen may be able to produce ethanol from sugar-cane byproducts as cheaply as from the crop’s juice, it’s still more profitable to burn the organic waste into electricity and sell it to the grid, Antonio Stuchi, agribusiness executive for Raizen, said today in an interview in Sao Paulo.

“Enzymes are the biggest component of costs” for cellulosic-ethanol production, he said. “We expect their cost to fall in the same way that they did for corn-ethanol processes in the U.S.”

Novozymes agreed to supply enzymes to Raizen’s second cellulosic-ethanol plant if the Brazilian company chooses to build one, according to the statement.


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