Renewable energy bill is the best way forward

A member’s bill that aims to address the Government’s ‘hope and pray’ attitude to tackling climate change would ensure all new base-load electricity generation is from renewable sources, Labour’s Energy spokesperson, and sponsor of the bill, Moana Mackey says.


Renewable energy bill is the best way forward“National needs to do more than just cross its fingers and hope New Zealand will reach its renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction targets. This Bill is a step in the right direction.

” Labour, in Government, legislated for a renewables preference as part of its climate change policy, and in pursuit of the goal to reach 90 per cent renewable electricity generation by 2025, as outlined in our Energy Strategy.

“The current National Government has kept the 90 per cent target, but has no plan on how to achieve it.

“When Labour introduced the renewables preference the evidence we heard at select committee supporting the need for a measure such as the one I am proposing was compelling. It is a message I have consistently received from the renewable energy sector since National repealed the renewables preference legislation in late 2008.

“While renewable generation is currently economic in its own right, this bill provides investment certainty for the sector that a major fossil fuel discovery in New Zealand would not change those economics for base-load generation projects.

“We are one of the few nations on the planet that could realistically achieve the three important goals of security of supply; affordability and predictability of pricing, and minimising the environmental impact of energy generation.

“I am hoping that parties across Parliament will show their support for the renewable energy sector by sending my Bill to select committee for consideration.”

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